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Service   Price   Delivery Time
iphone Model Check   INR5.00   instant
* iPhone Sold To Check   INR50.00   30 min
*IPHONE (SIM Lock ) Check   INR50.00   instant to 15 minute
GSX SOLD BY + CASE CHECK + Replacement Details By IMEI (Image Service)   INR50.00   2hrs to 24 hrs
iCloud (Fmi ) on / off Check via Imei   INR6.00   instant
iphone icloud Clean / Lost mode Check (Auto)   INR8.00   instant
iphone Clean /Block check Worldwide with Gsm Carrier   INR20.00   5-15 minute
iphone Sold by & Coverage Check by -N   INR150.00   5-15 min
iPhone Sold To+ Initial Carrier Check + FMI +iCloud   INR10.00   -
Usa T-Mobile Clean / Block Check   INR20.00   5 minutes

Service   Price   Delivery Time
Canada Bell - 5/5S/5C/6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+/SE/8/8+/X (Premium)   INR2500.00   3-7 days
Canada Bell _ All Models Only Clean   INR250.00   1-3 days
Canada Rogers and Fido for All Models   INR500.00   1-3 days
Canada Telus/Koodo - All Models Supported (Semi Premium)   INR1500.00   3-7 days